PledgeMusic’s NoiseTrade Adds Email4Stream To Free Artist Toolkit

NoisetradeEven before their recent acquisition by PledgeMusic, NoiseTrade has been one of my favorite direct to fan services, both for music marketing and as a fan.  I’ve seen how well it has worked for some of the artists we work with at Skyline Music including 10,000 Maniacs, Darlingside and Caitlin Canty. Now, Noisetrade has added to their access-for-email toolkit.


Guest post by Chandler Coyle of The Coyle Report 

Today the NoiseTrade division of direct-to-fan service PledgeMusic unveiled a new feature: the streaming premiere.  An exciting component within the premiere is that the fan is required to trade their email and postal code for access to the stream.

NoiseTrade is ushering in the era of the email4stream. Data4access. Being the thinnest skinbetween artist and fan. Truly enabling the artist and fan connection. Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud any blog or media outlet could have done this but chose not to do it…yet. I suspect this is just the beginning of trading fan data for exclusive access.

The first artist to take advantage of this new feature of NoiseTrade are The Lumineers who are streaming their new album Cleopatra for a limited time. To access the stream you must provide NoiseTrade and The Lumineers with your email address and postal code. Just like you do when you download free music from NoiseTrade.

I talked with NoiseTrade’s founder Derek Webb (a formidable artist in his own right) about the vision behind this new feature:

NoiseTrade has always been in the business of meaningfully connecting artists to their fans, via the trade of content for data. The market has clearly spoken regarding its preference of access over ownership, and we feel we have a unique perspective on the challenges around streaming. Considering the abysmal payments that come from streaming platforms, it seemed obvious to us that streaming music was much better suited to a data transaction, which can turn into sustainable dollars (as opposed to fractions of pennies). If artists can get fan data (a geo-targeted email) from everyone streaming an album, plus drive pre-sale, etc, it really changes the conversation.

We’re thrilled that our longtime friends, The Lumineers, chose to bring us their new album Cleopatra as our debut NoiseTrade Premiere. There’s no better band to help show the coordinates of where NoiseTrade is headed as a platform. — Derek Webb – Musician/Founder and President, NoiseTrade

Click Here to Check Out NoiseTrade Premiere

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