800,000 Installs Later, FIX Music Rewards Introduces In-App E-Commerce

FIX is quietly amassing a serious crowd around music rewards. Now, the strategy is shifting towards in-app monetization. Over the summer, we first documented Toronto-based FIX, a music rewards app that quietly surpassed 600,000 app installs.  Two month… Continue Reading


The 1975 Refuse to Produce New T-Shirts Because It Harms the Environment, Choose Instead to Recycle Their Older T-Shirts

British pop band The 1975 have come up with a novel approach to both help the environment and get some good publicity at the same time. Instead of producing T-shirts in connection with their upcoming album, the band is going to print over their existin… Continue Reading


Sony Music Bulks Up Merchandising Unit With Araca Group Acquisition

Sony Music’s merchandising unit has acquired The Araca Group, a New York-based entertainment company and merchandise-production agency. The Araca Group’s resources (and some employees) will be absorbed by Sony Music’s merchandise brand, The Thread Shop… Continue Reading


Billie Eilish Is Now Selling Coachella Bundles — Starting at $476

Looks like Coachella wasn’t quite sold out, after all. Billie Eilish has teamed up with Goldenvoice to offer new merch bundles that come with tickets to Coachella for $476. The bundle is available for both weekends of Coachella, but you’ll need to be q… Continue Reading


Patreon Acquires Kit to Help Its Content Creators Better Sell Merch

Patreon’s new acquisition of Kit, a New York-based e-commerce startup, will hopefully enable content creators to make more money. Patreon is a platform that allows supporters of an artist to “subscribe” to content. The concept was sta… Continue Reading


Arcade Fire Turns Their Latest Album Into a Fidget Spinner And Sells It for $109. It Sells Out Instantly.

If you’re just finding out about Arcade Fire’s fidget spinner album, it’s already too late.  But did they really exist? Streaming music platforms like Spotify are exploding, though most artists are getting left out in the cold.  Streaming simply doesn’t pay enough, even for mega-artists with millions of plays. So what’s a band to do? […]

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