11 DIY Ways To Preview Your Album On Snapchat

1 (1)For those artists with new material who are struggling to find a blog on which to premier it, rapper Kosha Dillz has some tips on how they can opt to use Snapchat instead, and perhaps see greater success as a result.


Guest post by Kosha Dillz

A quick and easy way to get your message across without packing on the pounds (unless you want.)
With that being said, lets show the world our music and have people listen to it. Do you have a musical project you are dying to premier on a blog but can’t seem to find a connection? Don’t worry about it. You don’t even need that. In reality, people are so engrossed on their phone that this might be the best way to show off a new album. In fact, I think I might take the advice for myself with What I do All Day and Pickle, which is the name for my upcoming album! Ok Here we go.
From when you wake up to when you sleep, this is how we are gonna roll out the material, from track 1 to track 11.
1. Brushing teeth // in the shower
You can do it. You can make the music come to life early morning. Lets give them the first song off the album. Tell them you are doing it. Today is the day I will show you the album
2. Run on the treadmill?
Maybe you make electronic music and or rap music that is poppy. How awesome would it be to be sweating and running to your music.
Title it; “running to my new music. work out?”
3. Dance class
Shake what ya momma gave ya! Only 10 seconds to a synchronized dance move thing and now you have the opp to show your new club song with people dancing (or maybe you dancing)
4. Spitting the rhymes, singing the songs
Lets say you have 10 songs. Tell them all by giving the first 10 seconds rhyme of verse 1 2 and 3 if you have a third verse. this is a cool way to simply connect with your fans.
15. Take it to the coffee shop or the club
Have an acoustic album you want to show off to the people? Get your sip on and play new tracks to drink java in unison. 
6. Walk down the street in headphones
Simply put, a great video of you walking down the street with headphone with the music coming out of the phone during a snap is a good shot for people to know what they’d do. 
7. Driving in the car, windows down:
How does your music sound in a car? It sounds amazing. All more the reason to cruise around in sunny summer weather to your tunes. Get a lil crazy and start honking your horn. Maybe your music is mosh pit music and you start beating up your passenger when the song comes on (all while snapping) This is good snap material.
8. Hit the weights bro
Chances are most of your fans have hit the weights before. Not everyone is all LA and using an elliptical or treadmill. Some people do dead lifts and squats and have partners. Lets show the world you can lift to the music you will soon by. Look at Dj Khaled. Imagine if he premiered his music that way? #wethebest
9. Cooking in the kitchen
Hip Hop and other kinds of music always go well with food. I can only imagine bumping meek mill over an omelet with him saying CRACK but the crack is actually a representative of Cracked Pepper. Haha. Lets try and use this one with eggs and or baking. If you have ten seconds, you might as well make someone laugh.
210. Karaoke 
Pretend your hit song is a hit and get someone to sing it at karaoke in Korea Town Los Angeles (where karaoke originated from , 57 years ago…okay that was a lie) But imagine you getting other people to sing like completely drunk karaoke with your new song. That’d be so much fun. 
11.Time for bed.
Well. There you go. Karaoke is over. It is always nice to show people your new music in a day before going to bed. If your music is good enough, you can even show them what its like to play it while going to bed. Possibly going to be with someone else? That’d be good laugh. Haha. If you music is like Adele’s, maybe you can pull the covers over your head slowly. 
Those are eleven ways to show off your music via snap chat. With 10 ways to do it, I have literally given you all the ideas you need (for free) to premier your new album to the world. To think about it, 10 seconds of 10 songs with 400+ viewers a day is amazing. Imagine if you can do that for other people? You can make some money off that.
How do you use snap chat? Do you use it to just waste your day? Go out there and contribute to the world. If you hate all my ideas, please come up with your own! 
At least this way I got you thinking about how you can use it effectively.
Kosha Dillz is a American Israeli Rapper who lives to hustle and hustle to lives. His music is self described as a a cultural phenomenon of a NCAA DIvision I 2nd string wrestler turned ex-convict turned Jewish rap music icon. Also, this is the first time he has self described himself as that. He consults with people for high amounts of money but gives the same information away for free all the time on hypebot. His album What I Do All Day and Pickle is coming out late may / early june on his own label OY VEY, which also curates official SXSW and CMJ showcase. email him at rapperfriends@gmail.com or @koshadillz on Instagramor twitter

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