Swift Falls In An Apple Music Ad, Drake’s iTunes Sales Rise 431%

Swift Falls In An Apple Music Ad, Drake's iTunes Sales Rise 431%

In a recent Apple Music ad, Taylor Swift can be seen falling off a treadmill whilst listening to Drake and Future’s Jumpman song on Apple’s running playlist ‘Gymflow’

The ad was an obvious bid to promote Apple Music through letting its existing users know about its features whilst marketing it’s service to new potential users.

In the ad, Swift enters the Apple Music app, selects the playlists and the song and then starts running on the treadmill. About 40 seconds into the video she then fall off the treadmill as part of a humourous stunt to get people talking about the advert and the service.

The ad was widely shared through social media platforms and has already racked up over 11 million views on YouTube.

Five days later, Apple’s ‘Gymflow’ playlist grows a reported 325% and is now ranking in the top 5 playlists of the week, according to Adweek. On top of this, Drake and Future’s song Jumpman has also surged on Apple’s iTune store, rising a massive 431%.

This highlights the power of advertising and what affect it can have on sales. Taylor Swift has a massive audience of super fans who follow her social media, and Apple knows this and was able to tap into her audience.

Though, no figures have been released on how many subscribers this may have generated for the streaming service.

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