Hypocrite, or Genius? Kanye’s Album Coming to Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud Go…


According to reports, Kanye West’s updated The Life Of Pablo album is hitting all streaming services tomorrow (April 1st) after being exclusive to Tidal since its release.

The news comes a month after Kanye had declared that his album would ”never never never be available on Apple”…or Spotify for that matter.  In fact, Kanye even went to the extent of saying that ”you can only get it on Tidal.”

Seems that Kanye has changed his mind, which wouldn’t be the first time.  Indeed, the album itself has had countless updates since launch, with Tidal scrambling to keep up.  All of which feeds the massive circus that surrounds this rapper.

Kanye West The Life Of Pablo Album To Hit All Streaming Services Tomorrow

‘Famous’ and ‘I Love Kanye,’  the two most popular songs from the album, are already available to stream on Apple Music and even made it to Soundcloud’s new music subscription service, Soundcloud Go.

Kanye West fans will be happy to hear the news.  But considering that the album was illegally downloaded over half a million times in the first 24 hours alone, most have already heard the release.

+ Releasing an Unfinished Product = Genius?

Then again, nearly every song on the album has had an update.  The modifications include additions of reverb, changes in background vocals, changes in the basslines, not to mention vocal balancing and updated freestyles.  So those who have already heard the album may want to have another listen.

As Kanye so perfectly describes it, The Life of Pablo has been a ‘living breathing changing creative expression’.


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