Ten Rules For Musicians On The Road

Ten+Rules+of+the+Road+banner+graphicLife on the road can be tough for an artist, and maintaining physical, mental, and financial health is a challenging feat. Here we look at ten rules of the road which artists must follow in order to make their tour a success.


In this latest piece of advice from MusicThinkTank, Larry Butler shares ten tips for surviving a life on tour, whether it’s to make sure you get enough sleep, or a reminder to always keep a receipt.

5. Always have your own transportation or an alternative to whatever transportation you’re in. Never ride with someone else if you have your own car; make them ride with you.  Never go anywhere if there’s no taxi/Uber/Lyft available to take you back. If you do not follow this rule, you will be stranded at a low class strip bar in The Middle Of Nowhere, Texas at 3 am with no way out. It happened to me; it could easily happen to you.”

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