Rhapsody, Napster Launch The Listener Network Designed To Make Music More Social

Rhapsody ListenerImproving music discovery on a virtual jukebox with millions of songs, is a major focus for all streaming services. Those that get it right, like Spotify has with Discover Weekly, stand the best chance of attracting and retaining users. Rhapsody/Napster has unveiled its effort which cleverly combines machine learning with social curation.

Rhapsody today launched The Listener Network, a new set of features within Rhapsody and its global sister Napster designed to make finding new music more social. 

Powered by its patent-pending Music Intelligence Engine, The Listener Network connects Rhapsody and Napster users globally to form communities of music lovers with similar tastes to share and discover new music.  

Rhapsody Listener

A new feature, Music Match, measures listeners’ music compatibility. Once it find others with similar music preferences, each gets a unique Matched Playlist of new songs based on overlapping tastes. There is also a Trending Today playlist on each users your home screen that provides daily updated playlist of new music that’s popular in their network.

The Listener Network is available both inline and on the Rhapsody and Napster mobile apps on iOS and Android.



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