Lawyers For David Lowery File Motion To Stop Spotify, NMPA From "Misleading" Songwriters

Spotify newSpotify is “misleading” songwriters by encouraging them to sign onto a settlement it made with the National Music Publishers, Association according to a motion filed by attorneys representing David Lowery, who is suing the music streamer for use of his songs without a license.


In a motion filed on Monday, attorneys representing David Lowery, who is suing Spotify for using his songs without a license, accuses the music streamer and the National Music Publisher’s Association of misleading songwriters.  

NMPAThe NMPA and Spotify had reached a settlement for music publishers and songwriters to receive royalties for “unmatched” compositions used on Spotify in the U.S.  from a $25 million fund. In addition to identifying the rightful recipients of the royalties, the agreement establishes a bonus compensation fund reported to add $5 million to the settlement.

But songwriters and publishers who sign the deal can not also participate in lawsuits by Lowery and others that are seeking class action status and bigger payouts.

Demands & Damages

According to the filings, Lowery’s team alleges that Spotify is misleading songwriters to encourage them to sign the NMPA brokered agreement.  They are demanding copies of all communications between Spotify, publishers and songwriters related to the deal, along with additional payments for damages.

Read the full motion

Download Conformed Notice of Motion and Motion for Corrective Action.pdf (141.3K)

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