"Gonna Take You Higher" – Cannabis Chain Bids To Rename NFL’s Mile High Stadium

pot sportsCannabis becoming big business will inevitably lead to some strange bed fellows; and if a beer company can own the naming rights to a sports stadium why can’t a chain of legal marijuana dispensaries?  We’ll find out what the NFL thinks of that soon.


Native Roots, Colorado’s largest cannabis dispensary with locations across the Front Range has begun the process of acquiring the naming rights to Mile High Stadium, home to the Denver Broncos. Upon approval, the stadium would be called “Native Roots Field at Mile High.”

The fate of Mile High has been in question since reports circulated that Sports Authority may not be able to continue their multi-year investment.

A formal partnership between Mile High Stadium and Native Roots is a natural extension of the dispensary’s well-known devotion to the Broncos. The overwhelming success of the legalization of cannabis makes the timing ideal between Native Roots and Mile High Stadium, two Colorado icons.

image from www.celebrityaccess.com“We may breathe green but we bleed orange,” said Josh Ginsberg, Native Roots CEO. “Just like John Denver so memorably sang in “Rocky Mountain High,” it only makes sense that the company which gains the new naming rights of Mile High be reflective of Colorado.”

As cannabis has blazed new trails for other states to join the movement, Native Roots is in the process of meeting with NFL executives to determine next steps for a unique partnership. As part of the conversation, Native Roots will explore the potential of offering joints and vaporizers to patrons over 21. “Native Roots takes this opportunity very seriously and would love nothing more than to support Broncos fans and the larger Colorado community by taking Mile High Stadium under our wing.”

Native Roots will submit their formal intent-to-inquire to the NFL later this month.

via Celebrity Access

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