Going to MUSEXPO? Schedule a Meeting With DMN…


Musexpo remains a key music industry conference, spanning radio, A&R, technology, synchronization, legal issues, and juicy gossip over multiple days.  The conference, situated this year at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, gets started this Sunday.

The Worldwide Radio Summit, an adjunct even from host A&R Worldwide, is already underway for radio-focused companies and executives.  That shifts into a rock-focused sub-section starting tomorrow and into the weekend (full schedule).

Then, the action shifts to Musexpo to include broader industry topics, including tech, royalties, the ever-changing synchronization terrain, and emerging talent.  As usual, the action is being corralled by industry operator Sat Bisla, whose roots remain in A&R and brings a very global list of attendees and dealmakers to the table.

Will you be there?

We’ll have several people at the event, focused on coverage, figuring out the scuttlebutt, and structuring partnerships.  If you’re interested in working with us, let’s set something up!

For advertising and partnerships, please reach out to Noah Itman (noah@digitalmusicnews.com).

For editorial stuff, please reach out to Charlotte Hassan (charlotte@digitalmusicnews.com) or Paul Resnikoff (paul@digitalmusicnews.com).  If you have something exclusive, confidential, or seriously juicy, let’s talk.

Unfortunately we’re unable to take meetings with PR agencies or representatives, but please just email your blast to news@digitalmusicnews.com and we’ll check it out.  

And if you’d like to lavishly praise us in front of many onlookers…

In terms of scheduling: We’re based across town in Santa Monica, but will be at the event at various times Sunday through Wednesday depending on schedules and things going on.  Let’s nail something down.

Look forwarded to meeting up!

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