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1 (1)While friends and family are (usually) good at being supportive of your music, they will often spare your feelings when it comes to providing feedback on your music, which is less than helpful as far as improving your product is concerned. For more constructive criticism, AudioKite is here to help.


Guest Post from The New Rockstar Philosophy

Your friends and family are great people. But they cannot be trusted when it comes to honest opinions about your music. They are coloring the truth, because they know and love you. They want to spare your feelings, even if that means you’ll release sub-par music.

So then how can you get a truthful opinion on your music?

For this we have AudioKite. AudioKite helps musicians create the best music possible through the power of research, fairness and transparency.  They use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, where tens of thousands of people carry out tasks in exchange for small sums of money.

  • AudioKite gives you detailed feedback on your music.
  • Puts time minimums on songs that force any listener to actually pay attention to what they are hearing, otherwise they don’t get paid.
  • Listeners who just phone in the reviews are dropped for being unreliable.
  • AudioKite provides specific, easy to understand categories for listeners to rate musicians and actionable feedback for you.

There listeners are not just random Eh-holes. They are people who like a lot of similar type of music to yours, in the age, socioeconomic bracket, and location in the world where your audience is.


I have personally tried AudioKite and can attest that it works. The feedback was detailed and gave me a lot to think about. For example, if you submitted a song it might come back saying the beat was great, but the guitar sounded out of tune. Or maybe that the vocals need a lot of work, but the lyrics are spot on. These criteria are measured on a scale of 1-10, one being lowest and ten highest. You are shown your score and the AudioKite average, so you can understand where on the spectrum of proficiency you stand.

AudioKite is super affordable, the intro report is $19.99 and it’s perfect for people who are demoing songs, mixing, mastering, or ready to release a single but are unsure of which one is the winner.

The potential for AudioKite is huge for all musicians. To say I’m a fan would be an understatement. I’ve met and got to know the team at AudioKite and they are committed music fans who want to help the worlds musicians connect with their audiences. So next time if you want an honest opinion about your music give AudioKite a try.

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