If Audio Is Hot, Why Isn’t Radio Partying?

While the massive uptick in the popularity of audio seems like it should be good news for traditional broadcast radio, the reality is that much of this resurgence has manifested in the form of podcasts and new forms of tech like smart speakers. _____________________________ Guest post by Fred Jacobs of… Continue Reading


PB’s Frank McWeeny Explores India’s Colourful Club Scene in New Radio Doc

Point Blank radio lecturer Frank McWeeny aka French Toast recently embarked on an eye-opening journey around India to explore the country’s rapidly growing underground electronic music scene. Kicking off in Calcutta, McWeeny visited six different locations as part of a country-wide tour, meeting and interviewing a range of DJs, artists and promoters along the way, […]

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Why Would Anyone Invest In Post-Bankruptcy iHeartMedia? Because ‘Radio Motivates Behavior’ says Fred Jacobs

At a time when more younger listeners are tuning out in favor of streaming and other forms of media consumption, broadcast radio giant iHeartMedia is hoping to raise $100 million in an IPO. If an aging audience isn’t enough to scare off investors. the fact that iHeart is just emerging… Continue Reading


Radio Nowhere – Is Anybody Alive Out There?

Radio giant iHeartMedia has filed for a $100 million IPO, even as it just emerges from bankruptcy. William Paterson University Music Business Professor David Philp takes a look at the state of terrestrial radio, its less than graceful handling of the internet’s rise, and why it needs to adapt, as… Continue Reading


There’s Still A Case For Radio: It’s Simple, Free & Easy

Despite the ubiquity of other media entertainment options, radio has endured into the streaming age, albeit with its own share of struggles. In this piece, consultant Fred Jacobs looks at recently collected data among radio listeners surveying why they still tune in. ___________________________ Guest post by Fred Jacobs of Jacobs… Continue Reading