Send Us Your DJ Mixes for A Chance to be Featured on Pioneer DJ Radio or Magnetic Mag!

One of the many perks of being a Point Blank student is the exposure we can help you gain through the opportunities we have on offer. Our extensive line of music industry partners such as Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Adam AUDIO and more are some of the strongest in our education sector, meaning we have the […]

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The Currency Of Deceased Rock Stars

In the wake of the passing of both Eddie Money and The Cars’ Ric Ocasek, Fred Jacobs here reflects on the lasting value of Classic Rock, and how music from the 60s and 70s continues to accrue cultural relevancy even as the number of actual artists from the era dwindles…. Continue Reading


TuneIn, Apple Bring Global Radio Stations To Apple Music And Siri-Enabled Devices

TuneIn and Apple have teamed to offer access to more than 100,000 global radio stations on all Siri-enabled devices and Apple Music. This collaboration comes on the heels of Apple’s release of iOS13, which according to the tech giant, introduces a new radio experience to Apple devices – including iPhone,… Continue Reading


The Love Of Listening To The Radio While Driving Not Dead

Listening to music in the car has been a favorite past time of travelers as long as radios and cars have existed, and while many believe that recent technological advancements might have reduced this practice, a passion for music and radio on the road remains. ______________________________ In this latest piece… Continue Reading