How Touring Musicians Can Operate A Business From The Road

hypebot Owen Davie

4In order to find success in the music industry, more and more musical entrepreneaurs are realizing they need to treat their careers like a small business, a small business which the they're often required to operate while out on the road. Here we break down how artists can best run their business while still maintaining a lively touring schedule.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, contributor Sam Bowman offers advice on what artists can do to keep the business of their career intact and functioning while on the road.

"Small businesses can succeed or fail based on the quality of the people that are on the team. As a touring musician, this won’t just extend to the people you happen to be on-stage with; as your business grows, it is vital to ensure that the people you entrust to operate your affairs in your absence are up to the task. From those handling web sales of your merchandise, to those arranging the logistical elements of your next project; you need partners who understand how to function while you’re not physically with them to call all the shots. "

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Owen Davie