UPC Codes

UPC Codes

Get your UPC Codes for your Digital Release here.
It can be pretty expensive to buy them at the aggregators places, so get your own and save some money.
Delivery within 24 hours via mail.

The UPC code (or barcode) is required to distribute your Album, EP or Single, both in physical and digital formats. If youdistribute your music digitallythrough us we will assign a UPC code to your release for free.

In case you need a UPC code before distributing your music digitally, for example for physical CDs, you can obtain it here.

The Delivery will be as a file with the codes. If you wish to have the codes also in a Barcode image/picture  in Highres for your printed CDs you can add the in the order as well. 10$ from 1-10 codes.

And remember, if you need more help you are welcome to contact us for further assistance at low prices.