The RIAA Obtains DMCA Subpoenas Demanding the Personal Info of 14 Stream-Ripping Websites

As part of its major music piracy crackdown against YouTube stream-rippers, the RIAA has targeted a slew of new websites. First, with just a single subpoena obtained at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the music organizati… Continue Reading


The RIAA, Music Canada, and IFPI Successfully Shut Down Pirate Cyberlocker DBR

Several weeks ago, the RIAA managed to take down YouTubNow, a major YouTube stream-ripper, with just a subpoena. Shortly after the major music organization’s court filing, the website, which boasted about its “powerful” service, went down. Spinning the… Continue Reading


RIAA Demands NameCheap and Cloudflare Hand Over Personal Information of Y2Mate’s Owner

Two weeks ago, the RIAA successfully took down a major YouTube stream-ripper with just a subpoena. According to YouTubNow’s webpage, the stream-ripper allowed users to quickly and easily download their favorite music. “YouTubNow is a powerful service t… Continue Reading


Electronic Frontier Foundation Slams the RIAA on Stream-Ripping; Files Amicus Curiae In Favor of FLVTO.Biz

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has joined the fight against the music industry. The major labels currently have a major problem on their hands. Following the RIAA’s failure to successfully sue notorious Russian stream-ripper and its owner… Continue Reading

Share Issues a Fiery Response Brief Against the RIAA’s Court Appeal

At the beginning of this year, and in a shocking ruling, notorious Russian stream-ripper soundly defeated the major labels – led by the RIAA – in a U.S. federal courtroom. Industry observers had expected the RIAA – which represents Warner, So… Continue Reading

Share Promises a Fight to the Finish Against the RIAA — Including a Supreme Court Appeal If Necessary

Russian ‘stream-ripper’ is proving to be a difficult adversary for the RIAA. After a shocking victory, YouTube ‘stream-ripper’ is now preparing for a second round against the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Just la… Continue Reading


A Clone Is Already Popping Up — With Half-a-Million Monthly Pageviews

We’ve seen this whack-a-mole story before — but usually the clones wait until the mothership is destroyed. As the major labels wage legal war against YouTube ‘stream ripper’, a clone site is already capitalizing on the anticipated demise.  Ac… Continue Reading

Share’s Attorneys Remain on the Counter-Offensive Against the Major Labels — Is This Case Getting Tossed?

Attorneys for YouTube ‘stream ripper’ are raising serious jurisdictional questions in their defense against the major labels.  But that’s just one of several counter-attacks. Earlier this year, major labels Universal Music Group, Warner Music… Continue Reading