As the Australian Music Industry Successfully Bans Stream-Rippers, the RIAA Takes Down YouTubNow

Several weeks ago, a federal court granted the RIAA subpoenas to de-anonymize Cloudflare clients. The subpoenas grant the music organization the authority to force Cloudflare to hand over contact information for a number of clients.   This includes ful… Continue Reading


The RIAA Contends It Doesn’t Have to Travel to a Foreign Country to Sue Stream-Rippers in the U.S.

Late last summer, the music industry – led by the RIAA – filed a lawsuit against,, and their owner, Tofig Kurbanov. Observers had expected the RIAA – which represents Warner, Sony, and Universal Music – to easily win the case.  The … Continue Reading


Electronic Frontier Foundation Slams the RIAA on Stream-Ripping; Files Amicus Curiae In Favor of FLVTO.Biz

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has joined the fight against the music industry. The major labels currently have a major problem on their hands. Following the RIAA’s failure to successfully sue notorious Russian stream-ripper and its owner… Continue Reading

Share Issues a Fiery Response Brief Against the RIAA’s Court Appeal

At the beginning of this year, and in a shocking ruling, notorious Russian stream-ripper soundly defeated the major labels – led by the RIAA – in a U.S. federal courtroom. Industry observers had expected the RIAA – which represents Warner, So… Continue Reading


Fresh Off a Major Victory, the Music Industry Sues Charter Communications

How many more ISPs will the music industry sue? Multiple ISPs in the United States are currently embroiled in lawsuits brought on by the music industry. Cox Communications, for example, is bracing for a difficult court battle against major labels in Vi… Continue Reading


Siding with the RIAA, a Texan Federal Judge Strips Away Grande Communications’ Safe Harbor Defense

According to a senior federal judge, Grande Communications did even less than Cox in refusing to disconnect repeat copyright infringers. Last summer, represented by the RIAA, major labels – including Sony Music, Warner, and Universal – filed a lawsuit … Continue Reading