The 2019 Gift Guide — Digital Music News

The Digital Music News 2019 gift guide.  Disclaimer: None of the links in this article are affiliate links. We do not earn anything if you choose to purchase any of these items. All of the companies with products listed in this list either generously p… Continue Reading


7 Quality Headphones for Under £100

If you’re a DJ or producer a good pair of headphones is going to be essential to your kit list. Whether you’re using them for the studio or the club you’re going to want something that’s durable, high-quality, comfortable and affordable. However, as there are so many options to choose from, finding the right pair for […]

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The Optoma Nuforce HEM8s: Lots of Packaging, But Overall a Good Purchase

A review of the HEM8s and their plastic waste. Pros: Good quality for the price! Cons: Somewhat bottom heavy and lacking some of the detail I prefer on highs, somewhat narrow soundstage, SO MUCH PACKAGING! Rating and overall thoughts: 6/10 If you are l… Continue Reading


Review: Ultimate Ears UE Live With Bluetooth

Rating: 8/10 Pros: Outstanding sound quality! Bluetooth adds convenience and the battery system on the wireless is novel. Cons: The price tag. Poor microphone wind resistance makes these unusable for outdoor phone calls. The Ultimate Ears UE Live A cou… Continue Reading


Ultimate Ears: Continuing To Refine And Improve Their Offerings

I recently had the opportunity to hop on a call with the team behind Ultimate Ears’s Pro line and get filled in on what they have been working on. This is one of my favorite brands to work with because I really appreciate their focuses on quality… Continue Reading